School Immunisation Program Parent Survey

Closed 22 Oct 2021

Opened 30 Sep 2021


Gold Coast Public Health Unit is currently reviewing the delivery of the School Immunisation Program. This survey is being conducted to understand your views, opinions and experiences of how vaccination services are delivered in a school setting.

Your participation in this survey is voluntary.

If you choose to participate, or choose not to participate, your access to services will not be impacted in any way. You will not be identified in any report and your responses will remain confidential.

This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and contains 16 questions in total. You will not need to answer all of these questions as some will skip based on your answers.

Why your views matter

The information collected from this survey will be used to inform program planning and service provision. This will help us to be a leader in compassionate, sustainable, highly reliable healthcare.


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