Consumer Feedback Management process (Compliments and Complaints)

Closed 30 Oct 2020

Opened 1 Oct 2020


This survey is to determine the level of knowledge of Gold Coast Health staff in the management of consumer feedback (compliments and complaints). It is also to determine whether staff are aware of the advice and support that the Patient Liaison Service (PLS) provides.

Why your views matter

The results from the survey will enable the Patient Liaison Service team to identify areas where it can assist areas and departments in more effective consumer feedback management through the provision of training in systems and processes. The goal is to have a health service in which staff feel confident to contact the Patient Liaison Service for assistance when required as well as empowering staff to manage their own feedback and identify trends within their own service areas to inform quality improvement processes.


What happens next

When the results are processed, Patient Liaison Service will use this information to target workforce training to service areas. 


  • All staff


  • Internal Consultation